A line drawing of two fat babes, one a woman of colour, holding hands to make a heart over the words Camp Boom in a disco font

Hey! Looking for info on Camp Boom 2021? That’s over here! This is the old site.

Friday November 6 until Sunday November 8 2020 

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Latest news

Our Open Forum

Our second session on Sunday is a time for you to ask any questions you didn’t ask during other classes, to raise issues you’re having or to pick the brains of the assembled masses. Got a specific problem with something you want some advice on? Thinking of launching a new business and want to testContinue reading “Our Open Forum”

Yoga with Gillian

Some gentle stretching and movement to get us going on Saturday morning! Gillian works with people of all ages, sizes and abilities. If you’d like to do yoga from a chair that is also an option. Yoga will be at 7.30am on Saturday morning. It is, like all other Camp activities, completely optional.

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