While we’re trying to keep ticket prices for Camp Boom to a minimum, we understand that the cost may still be too high for some. Seven scholarships have already been awarded. If we receive more sponsorship for scholarships, they’ll be listed here.

Get in touch if you’d like to sponsor someone to attend the camp.

Scholarships that have already been awarded

Caretaker scholarship to Camp Boom

By a huge margin, women are the caretakers in our society. Whether it’s the elderly, the young, or those with special needs, maybe you’re spending all your time looking after someone else’s needs. How about we take care of YOU for a weekend instead?

Thanks to the very generous Dayna Berghan-Whyman, #LadyBeastNZ, this scholarship for a twin-share ticket is available to a woman/non-binary person who spends most of their life taking care of others.

Financial scholarship to Camp Boom

Let’s put it really simply: not having disposable income sucks. One weekend away with amazing fat babes absolutely cannot fix your financial problems, but it might be what your soul needs. So one of my amazing friends who has checked their own privilege would like to pay for someone who can’t afford it to come along to Camp Boom.

This scholarship is available to a woman/non-binary person who needs financial help to get to Camp Boom and is for one twin-share ticket.

Scholarship for a person with a lived experience of disability

Society throws up enough barriers to people with disabilities. One scholarship won’t fix that, but it’s a start.

Thanks to a generous supporter of Boom, this scholarship for a twin-share ticket is available to a woman/non-binary person with lived experience of a disability – either physical or mental.

The You’re Not From Around Here scholarship sponsored by Fancy Lady Industries

House of Boom is a Wellington-based business so we know the fat babes of this town better than we do those from elsewhere. Those in the 04 have a chance to bond at Boom pop-ups and other networks, and their travel costs to attend Camp Boom will be much lower. That’s why the lovely Natalie at Fancy Lady Industries sponsored a twin-share ticket for one person from outside of the Wellington region.

The woman/non binary person of colour scholarship

Fat activism owes everything to women of colour. One scholarship doesn’t go very far at all in settling that debt, or addressing centuries of systemic oppression, but you have to start somewhere right? This ticket is for one person in a twin share room.

The Friend of Marilyn Super Fat Scholarship

If you’re on the larger end of fat – being a size 26 and up, you’ll probably face even more challenges in life – not least that many “plus size” brands end at a 24. The Super Fat Scholarship, sponsored by the amazing Friend of Marilyn, is therefore for someone size 26 and up who would otherwise face financial difficulties in attending Camp Boom.

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